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The Original ! 

- Italian Restaurant -

Dinner - from 5.00 to 9.30                                                         ph. (941) 244 2033


Caprese - fresh mozzarella , tomato and fresh basil

Antipasto Italiano (Min. order for 2) - assortment of cured meats , cheeses and olives

Prosciutto and Mozzarella - prochiutto di Parma and fresh mozzarella

Vitello Tonnato - veal sliced very thin served with typical tuna sauce and capers

Speck e Gorgonzola - Smocked prosciutto from north Italy and Gorgonzola cheese

Antipasto Bologna - Mortadella from Bologna, Salami and Burrata cheese

Carpaccio di Bresaola - cured Beef served with arugula and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Bresaola and Burrata - cured Beef served with mix green and Burrata cheese

Porchetta e Carciofi - imported Roasted Pork served with Artichoke Romana Style

Melanzane del Tirolo - breaded eggplant served warm with fontina cheese and Speck

Tomino Speck - cheese from Piedmont wrapped with smocked prosciutto and arugula

Tomino Pancetta - cheese from Piedmont wrapped with Italian Bacon and mix green

Tomino Funghi - cheese from Piedmont served with Mushrooms

                                                                             ...or, Your Choice from the Deli Case

Pasta all Homemade


Lasagna Bolognese

- Original Lasagna from Bologna


- casket of prosciutto di Parma filled of spinach pasta Asiago cheese and Mushrooms


Pasta stuffed with Ricotta, Parmigiano Reggiano and Spinach,

Served with :

Burro e Salvia Butter and Sage -

Bolognese Bolognese Meat sauce -

Gorgonzola Gorgonzola cheese sauce.-

Pomodoro e Basilico Tomato sauce and fresh Basil.-

Fagottini al Tartufo -

Little purses stuffed with soft cheese and White Truffle, in white sauce

Ravioli ai Funghi -

stuffed with Porcini mushrooms and cheese ,served with Bolognese sauce

Tortellini alla Panna -

typical from Bologna stuffed with meats and served with white cream

Parmigiana di Melanzane -

Baked eggplant with tomato , mozzarella and Parmigian Regg.

Gramigna con Salsiccia -

short pasta served with Homemade Sausage and Mushrooms

Fusilli al Brandy ( Cork Screw) -

pancetta ,safron and french Brendy

Fusilli di Montagna -

Taleggio cheese , mushrooms and Speck

Maccheroni alla Vodka -

pancetta ,Tomato , Parmigiano R. and Vodka

Maccheroni Verdi "alla Bettola"

spinach pasta with Prosciutto di Parma , fresh peas in pink sace

Ruvide -

Exclusive Rough pasta with Gorgonzola cheese , Speck and Pears


Served with:

Gorgonzola e Noci Gorgonzola cheese and Walnuts.-

Taleggio e Speck Taleggio Cheese and Smoked Prosciutto.-

Bolognese Bolognese Meat sauce- $ 22

Pomodoro e Basilico Tomato sauce and fresh Basil.-

Tagliolini al Salmone - Long and tiny flat pasta served with Scottish Salmon and Caviar

Bucatini all'Amatriciana - pancetta ,fresh tomato and shallot , Chilli


Served with:

Bolognese - Bolognese Meat sauce -

al Prosciutto - Prosciutto di Parma sauce (Typical from Bologna) -

alla Lumiera - Prosciutto di Parma,Thyme and Lemon rind -

Spaghetti alla Chitarra

Served with:

Bolognese - Bolognese Meat sauce.-

alla Carbonara - Eggs, Pork Cheek , Parmigiano, Black pepper -

al Tonno - Tuna, Anchovies, Capers and Tomato sauce-

Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino - Garlic, Olive Oil and Chilli....-

Pomodoro e Basilico - Tomato sauce and fresh Basil.-

Capelli d'Angelo - Angel Hair -

Fresh Cherries Tomato sauce and fresh Basil-


Veal Scaloppine:

al Limone - Lemon sauce -                                      Served with mix green

al Pinot Grigio - white wine sauce -                         Served with mix green

al Balsamico - Balsamic Vinegar from Modena -   Served with mix green

al Gorgonzola - Gorgonzola cheese sauce -        Served with fresh Arugula

ai Funghi - Mix of Porcini Mushrooms -                    Served with mix green

ai Carciofi- Artichokes Imported from Rome -        Served with mix green

Arancio e Cipolla- Orange and Onion sauce -     Served with fresh Arugula

Vitello Maranello

Top Round Veal with Mustard sauce & Balsamic Vinegar from Modena ,

Served with mix Vegetables

Cotoletta Petroniana

Breaded Top Round Veal with Parmigiano and topped with

Fontina cheese and Prosciutto di Parma Served with fresh Arugula

Arrosto di Maiale

Roasted Pork Shoulder on Chef's Recipe

Served with Roasted potatoes



Mixed greens, Cucumber, Belpeppers .


Cherry Mozzarella, fresh Tomato and Mix green

Bella Donna

Arugula, Pears, Walnuts and Parmigiano R.


Arugula, Cherry Tomato and Parmigiano R.

Peperoni Arrostiti

Roasted Peppers and Olives

~~ Full Bar Available ~~

Thank You for choosing us  

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I loved Bologna cafe i felt like i was in Italy for an hour an a half.. the service was amazing and the food mmmmmmm that is all i have to say! It was an awesome experince for me and my family and i would recomend this restaurant to everyone young, family oriented, and of course a little over.



Congratulations! Bologna Cafe is the most authentic Italian place in Sarasota. Dining there feels like a short vacation in Italy. The Owners Claudio and Barbara do their best to make your dinner or lunch a family experience. Not only you'll get real Italian, self made food. You can also shop at their deli-counter and take these pleasurable food home. Thank you guys for such an award winning restaurant. See you soon again. Hue and Elli :-)


A piece of Italy in Sarasota


The best, ! I'm Italian, and in this restaurant I;m feel in Italy, in a good restaurant in Italy! Thanks for all this. Nino